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Industrial Handles
Industrial Handles are compatible with several industrial equipment. These are used for making drawing mechanism for the chests, storage boxes and crates. These are the stress-free handles, which are comfortable in use.
Rubber Gaskets
The Rubber Gaskets allow for advanced protection against various outdoor elements. These will provide excellent protection from moisture as well as. These are versatile enough to be used in hundreds of applications.
Metal Hinges
Metal Hinges are applicable for interior as well as exterior applications.  There is no risk of corrosion and dent with these. Also, the hinges have simple installation as well as elementary upkeep. 
Snapline Fasteners
The Snapline Fasteners are provided with high strength as well as secured locking. These can bear high load conditions and are considered superior than traditional fastening solutions. Provided are the shock, shuttle and vibration proof fastening solutions.
Control Panel Latches
Offered Control Panel Latches are useful for the locking of control panels. These are accessible with functional and catchy designs, which also enable them to proffer easy access to the end users.
Swing Handles
The Swing Handles allow for simple locking mechanism in latch, stopper type, gear, outside gasket and many others. These are apt for both high and low profile enclosures.
Quarter Turn Locks
The Quarter Turn Locks can be fitted with all types of lever operated valves. Applications include pressure safety relief valves, changeover valves and others. Benefits include reduced assembly costs, speedy operation and others.
Electronic Locking Solutions
The Electronic Locking Solutions are resistant to lock snapping, bumping, hook and drill. These find compatibility with wireless system and are highly popular for their superior security in hazardous applications. 

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